Special Portacabin Deal For 2024:
Save Up To One Million Naira

We are offering a special portacabin deal to welcome you to 2024.

The special portacabin deal is for our 20 feet portacabin, which is built when customers place their order.

We are offering you a whopping one million Naira discount on the price of the portacabin.

Our 20 feet portacabin normally sells for 8.6 million Naira.

With this special offer, you will pay 7.6 million Naira instead of 8.6 million Naira.

That means, you will save one million Naira on your purchase if you buy this portacabin within the next 7 days.

How To Save Additional 250,000 Naira

There is more good news:

You can get an additional 250,000 Naira discount on the price of the portacabin if you make initial deposit for the portacabin within the next 48 hours.

That means... if you make initial deposit of 60% of the discounted price  (That is... 4,560,000 Naira deposit) within the next 48hrs...

 ...you will pay a total of 7,350,000 Naira for the portacabin instead of 8.6 million Naira.

That is a whopping 1,250,000 Naira discount!


Initial deposit: 4,560,000 Naira

Balance: 2,790,000 Naira

You will pay the balance for the portacabin after we complete installing the sandwich panel walls and roofing sheets for the portacabin.

Portacabin Delivery

We are offering you FREE delivery within Lagos.

You will pay for transportation if the delivery location is outside Lagos.

Terms of Delivery:

We will deliver the portacabin to you when you complete payment for the portacabin.

Call Samson Itoje to take advantage of this special offer before it expires.

Call: +2348033290430 or +2347086459367

WhatsApp: +2348033290430

Click HERE to send a message to Samson Itoje via WhatsApp

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