Portable Toilet For Sale Nigeria - Luxury Portacabin Toilet

Portable Toilet Nigeria

Portable toilet for sale in Nigeria.

These portacabin toilets are made in Nigeria and are manufactured to client specifications.

Our portable cabins factory is located in Lagos Nigeria and we deliver to customers all over Nigeria.

These portacabin toilets are quick built portable cabin toilets that are beautifully finished and that you and your staff will love.

The features of the portacabin toilet include:

  • Structure: Steel
  • External Wall: 50mm thick polyurethane insulated sandwich panel
  • Internal Wall Partitions: 40mm thick polyurethane insulated sandwich panel
  • Roof: Aluminium roofing sheets
  • Ceiling: Suspended ceiling
  • Floor finish: Ceramic tiles
  • Doors: Steel / Aluminium
  • Windows: Aluminium sliding windows
  • Electrical wiring, lights and sockets
  • WC, wash hand basin, toilet roll holder and internal plumbing accessories

. . . and any other accessories you wish for us to include.

See some pictures of the portable toilets we built for some of our clients above and below.

Portable Cabin Toilet Nigeria
Portable Toilet Nigeria

Luxury Portable Toilet Nigeria

Luxury Portable Toilets - Get Exactly What You Order

Our portacabin toilets for sale are luxury portable cabin toilets built to client specifications as mentioned above.

Since this is a custom order, you can request for any number of toilet units you want included in the portacabin.

For example, you can order a . . .

  • 2-in-1 toilet
  • 4-in-1 toilet
  • 6-in-1 toilet
  • 12-in-1 toilet

. . . or whatever other number of toilets cubicles that you want in the portable toilet unit.

You also have the opportunity to decide the width of the toilet unit.

For example, you may wish for users to have direct access to the toilet door from outside. In this case, a portacabin toilet of 1.5m width is sufficient.

Portable Cabin Toilet Nigeria

Alternatively, you may wish for users to first enter a lobby (or passage) before having access to the toilet door. In this case, a 2.4m width or 3m width portable cabin toilet may be just what you need.

If you want even more space inside the toilet unit, you can order a 3.6m width portacabin toilet.

However, please note that the bigger the portacabin, the higher the price.

So, if price is a constraint for you (or your organisation), then you may wish to stick with the 1.5m width portable cabin toilet with direct access to the toilet door from outside (and no lobby or passage).

If price is not a constraint (and you want more space for personnel movement within the unit), then you should go for 3.6m wide portacabin toilet.

Remember . . . this is a custom order. We build to whatever length, width and specifications you want.

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