Nigeria Portacabin

Vacancy For Manufactured Home Dealers In Nigeria & Worldwide - Become A Portable Cabin And Mobile Home Dealer.

Earn Money From Home!

Vacancy exist for manufactured home dealers, mobile home dealers, and portable cabin dealers in our Nigeria portable cabin and prefab building manufacturing company.

We are a portable cabin and steel building company with head office in Lagos Nigeria.

As part of our growth initiative, we have established a partner program that rewards individuals and organizations who partner with us to grow our business.

In simple words . . . you can make good money by becoming one of our manufactured home dealers or independent sales representative.

Portable Cabin And Mobile Home
Dealer Program - The Benefits

Why join our partner program or prefab building affiliate program?

Why become a mobile home dealer or independent portable cabin sales representative?

There are three key reasons why this income opportunity is the best deal for you right now.

First, when you join our prefab building income opportunity, you will be partnering with a trustworthy company passionate about excellent customer service and with core values of honesty and integrity.

Second, becoming a portacabin dealer (or independent sales partner) with our prefabricated buildings company will not disrupt your daily routine because you can become a manufactured home dealer part-time or full-time.

Third, you can become a dealer anywhere you live in Nigeria or the world.

Fourth, you will make good money for yourself and your family when you send paying customers to us.

Part-time or Full-Time Dealership - How?

Yes, you can become one of our portable cabin dealer or manufactured home dealers part-time or full-time.

How is it possible to become a prefab cabin dealer part-time?

It's because we offer our prefab building dealers or distributors a unique home business opportunity.

Yes, it's a home business opportunity!

What does that mean?

It simply means you can work from home as one of our prefab building independent sales representative.

What makes that possible?

It's because our affiliate program is a simple referral program where associates or sales partners are rewarded financially for the sales they refer to our company.

This means you simply send us customers and we pay you a percentage of the value of the transaction once the customer pays for the product.

It's as simple as that!

No stories, no tricks, no drama, no hassles.

One more question: what do we pay our distributors?

What is our compensation plan for our prefab buildings, portable cabins, and mobile home dealers?

Click HERE for a detailed explanation

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