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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Portacabins In Nigeria

This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about Nigeria portacabins.

The answers provided will help you and your organisation make informed purchase decisions.

Question 1: What Is Porta Cabin? What Does Portacabin Mean?

A portacabin is an insulated steel building that can be transported from one location to another.

So, how do you spell portacabin?

Some people write portacabin as two words: That is, Porta Cabin.

Some others write it as one word: That is, portacabin.

In this article, I will use the single word version Portacabin.

20 Feet Portacabin

Question 2: What Are Portacabins Made Of?

Portacabins are made from the following materials:

1. Steel

2. Insulated sandwich panels

3. Roofing sheets

4. Windows

5. Doors

6. Ceiling

7. Flooring materials like ceramic tiles or wooden floor finish

The structure of portacabins are constructed from steel materials to provide the rigidity needed to withstand transportation and hash weather conditions.

Question 3: What Are The Uses Of Portacabin?

Portacabins can be used as

1. Office buildings

2. Site office (in a construction site)

3. Gatehouse

4. Employee accommodation

5. Storage buildings

6. Sales offices

7. Healthcare facilities

8. Educational hubs

9. POS stands

10. Home office

11. Cold rooms

Questions 4: How Big Is A Portacabin?

As mentioned earlier, a portacabin is a transportable insulated steel building.

That implies that the size should not be bigger than what can be conveniently transported on our roads.

Consequently, the maximum length of a portacabin is 40 feet or approximately 12 metres. And the maximum width is 12 feet or approximately 3.6 metres.

So, in summary, standard portacabin sizes are:

  • 10 feet portacabin
  • 20 feet portacabin
  • 30 feet portacabin
  • And 40 feet portacabin
30 Feet Portacabin

Question 5: Can You Live In A Portacabin?

Yes, you can live in a portacabin.

In fact, many companies use portacabins as employee accommodation for management and non-management employees, especially in situations where quick-built accommodation is required.

Accommodation portacabins usually come with a kitchen and bathrooms, which are normally not required in most office portacabins.

Question 6: Are Portacabins Insulated?

Yes. The walls of portacabins are built with prefabricated sandwich panels.

The most popular sandwich panels in Nigeria are polyurethane insulated sandwich panels, which consist of two sheets of metal with polyurethane foam in between the sheets.

Polyurethane foam has good thermal insulation properties, which effectively reduces the heat generated by the Sun.

That means you will enjoy normal room temperature inside a portacabin when you buy a portacabin for use as an office or accommodation.

The following thicknesses of polyurethane sandwich panels are available in Nigeria:

  • 40mm thickness
  • 50mm thickness
  • 75mm thickness
  • 100mm thickness
  • 150mm thickness

Most portacabin manufacturers use 50mm thick polyurethane sandwich panels for portacabin walls to enable them provide cost-effective portacabins to their clients.

You can order polyurethane sandwich panels HERE.

Question 7: Can Portacabins Be Used As Toilets?

Yes, portacabins can be used as toilets.

We have built different units of toilet portacabins for customers in Nigeria.

We build...

2-in-1 toilet portacabins. That is, a portacabin with two toilets.

6-in-1 toilet portacabins. That is, a portacabin with six toilets.

12-in-1 toilet portacabins. That is, a portacabin with twelve toilets.

20 Feet Portacabin Toilet

Question 8: How Long Do Portacabins Last?

Portacabins last as much as 20years. And maintenance of your portacabin is pretty easy.

Simply apply a touch of paint anywhere you see rust appear.

Imagine for a moment that another car brush against your car and in the process scratch off a part of the paint on the body of your car.

What do you do?

You get a panel beater to repair the dent and then get a painter to paint the affected portacabin.

That is how you keep your car body looking beautiful and long-lasting.

The same applies to a portacabin.

Simply apply a touch of paint anywhere you see rust appear. And your portacabin will last and last.

And stay beautiful for 20 or more years.

Question 9: What Are The Benefits Of Buying Portacabins?

Buying a portacabin in Nigeria has the following key benefits:

BENEFIT #1 - Quick Construction: Portacabins are quick-built insulated buildings that can be constructed quickly. This saves a lot of time compared to the long construction timelines of traditional buildings.

That is why portacabins are popularly used in project sites as well as in situations where companies need to quickly erect additional offices to match operational growth.

BENEFIT #2 - Ease of Relocation: Portacabins are transportable insulated buildings. That means if circumstances change or your project location change or your landlord gives you quit notice, you can easily transport your portacabins to your new project site or your new address.

BENEFIT #3 - Ease of Customisation: Portacabins can be easily customised to include any specific features you want included.

For example, if your use-case requires 100% insulation, that is exactly what you will get.

If you want toilets, bathrooms and kitchen included, that is exactly what will be included in your portacabin.

You can also request that your portacabin should be built to a specific layout plan that is unique to your use case. And the Nigeria portacabin manufacturer will build it for you.

We build portacabins to customer requirements.

Therefore, you will be working with a portacabin manufacturer committed to delivering high-quality portacabins to your requirements when you choose to buy made in Nigeria portacabins from us.

Question 10: How Much To Buy A Portacabin?

So, how much does a portacabin cost?

The price of a portacabin in Nigeria depends on four things:

1) The size of the portacabin (For example, will it be 20 feet, 30 feet or 40 feet portacabin?)

2) The number of rooms in the portacabin (For example, will it have 1 room, 2 rooms or 4 rooms?)

3) The number of utilities in the portacabin (For example, will it have one or two toilets?)

4) The time you wish to make the purchase

Now, let's talk about how the exact time of the purchase affects the price.

The truth is:

Most of the materials used in the construction of portacabins in Nigeria are imported materials.

That means prices change as the Naira-to-Dollar exchange rate changes.

What that means in practice is this:

Any price I give you for the different sizes of portacabins in this article will most likely not be valid by the time you're ready to buy the portacabin.

So, how do you get the current price of the different portacabin sizes by the time you're ready to place your order?

It s pretty simple.

Click HERE to request a quote and the current price for the portacabin size and specification you want to buy will be sent to you.

2 rooms 2 toilets and 1 bathroom 12m by 3.6m portacabin

Question 11: Where To Buy Portacabin In Nigeria?

Now, where do you buy portacabins in Nigeria?

You can buy high-quality made in Nigeria portacabins from this web site,

We are premium manufacturers of made-in-Nigeria portacabins.

We have been manufacturing portacabins in Nigeria since 2013.

That is, over 10 years of experience in the business of manufacturing portacabins.

So, we are a business you can count on to deliver high-quality portacabins to wherever you need them in Nigeria.

Click HERE to request a quote.

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