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Affiliate Program Agreement

The Terms And Conditions For Our Referral Program

Our affiliate program (or referral program) is open to everyone. No registration is required.

The process is simple and straight-forward.

1. Learn about our portable cabins and steel building construction service by reading the information on our official Nigeria Portable Cabins web site (this web site)

2. Join the portacabin Affiliate Group on WhatsApp hosted by the CEO of Erimama Investment Company Ltd, Samson Itoje, to get answers to any questions you have.

3. Promote our products online and offline to find potential customers

4. Send us potential customers using the form at the bottom of our affiliate program page

This records your name against the customer you referred.

5. Follow-up with the customer to ensure he / she buys from us

6. We pay affiliates who refer paying customers 5% of the amount paid for the project by the customer they referred as follows:

A) 2.5% commission when the customer makes initial payment of 60% of the value of the transaction

B) Final 2.5% commission when the customer referred pay additional 30% of the value of the transaction

7. Affiliates are required to send potential customers to us via the form at the bottom of our affiliate program page ( or via direct email to us for proper documentation and to ensure that each potential customer sent has a date and time stamp showing who sent who and when. This helps resolve dispute when a potential customer is sent by more than one affiliate.

8. The affiliate who first refer a potential customer is the one that qualifies to earn the commission for that specific transaction.

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9. Affiliate commission is paid per transaction. If another affiliate refers a potential customer who has bought from us before through a different affiliate, the affiliate that refers the existing customer for the new purchase earns the commission for the new purchase by the existing customer.

10. Affiliates must not use spam advertising to promote our products. Any affiliate found guilty of spam advertising will be disqualified from participating in our partner program and from earning commissions. We detest spam.

11. Affiliates MUST speak with the potential customer and ensure that he / she has indicated purchase interest before referring him / her to us or sending us his / her name and phone number (s). When we call potential customers referred by any affiliate and they have no re-collection of having had any discussion with the affiliate, we will understand that to mean that the affiliate engaged in spam advertising. The affiliate will be served a written notice by email to desist from spam. If it happens again, the affiliate will be disqualified from participating in our referral program and from earning commissions from his / her referrals.

12. Affiliates do not earn commission on customers who contact us directly. The only exception is if the particular affiliate in question has referred the customer to us before the customer contacted us.

13. Withholding tax applies to our affiliate program commission payments. And this is dependent on the prevailing rate at the time of the transaction. This is a government requirement.

14. All affiliates are required to read the information on our affiliate program page (see above link) to get answers to frequently asked questions and also to get a clear understanding of how the program works.

15. You understand that Affiliates (or independent marketing partners) are independent contractors for Erimama Investment Company Ltd. They are not employees of the company. And do not earn any salary from the company. You agree that as an independent representative (or independent marketer) you will not speak on behalf of the company, place ads using the name of the company, or do anything that contravenes good business ethics or damages the reputation of Erimama Investment company ltd or any of its agents. Erimama Investment Company Ltd reserves the right to disqualify any erring affiliate who violates the terms of this agreement from participating in our referral program.

16. Erimama Investment Company Ltd reserves the right to modify the terms of service of our revenue sharing program (or affiliate program) and the compensation plan at any time to deliver the best value for the company and its affiliates (or independent marketing partners). Any future change to this terms of service will be posted on  the terms of service page on our portacabin web site. (This page). Any such future change may also be announced on our Portacabin Affiliate Support Group on WhatsApp or any other group chat platform the company chooses to use in the future to communicate with affiliates. You agree that posting the updated terms of service or program changes as described above is appropriate and sufficient notice. And your continued participation in the referral program constitute acceptance of the changes.

17. You understand and agree to be bound by these affiliate program terms of service when you participate in our affiliate or referral program. Do not participate in our referral program if you do not agree to be bound by these terms of service.

Affiliate Program Page

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