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Duplex House Plans Nigeria - Free Duplex Floor Plans. Free Download.

Choose Any of Our Duplex Plans Or Order Custom Design

Looking for duplex house plans?

Want duplex floor plans that reflect your sense of style?

If that is the case, you can do one of two things:

1. You can order our house plans ebook that contains our duplex plan and bungalow house plans

2. You can order custom duplex plans using the form below

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the custom duplex floor plan order form.

Free Duplex Floor Plan Versus
Custom Design

What is the difference between using the plans in the ebook and ordering custom duplex plans?

There are two obvious differences.

To see the first difference, take a look at the sample duplex house plan below.

duplex house plans nigeria

A close look at the sample duplex floor plan above will reveal that the duplex plan carries our web site name.

In simple words . . . all the building plans in our house plans ebook carry our website name (

Why do these duplex plans advertise this prefab building web site?


The building plans belong to us. And we use them to promote our portable cabins and prefab homes business.

Another thing to remember . . . we own the copyright to these images and building plans. However, we allow our clients to use them for their own projects for a small fee.

You can order the house plans ebook for just =N=2,999

Click HERE to Order Now

Now let's talk about custom designs.

When you order custom duplex house plans, you benefit two ways:

First, you get us to design your house to the exact set of specifications you want.

duplex floor plans nigeria

Ordering custom duplex floor plans means that you tell us what you want included in the house and we draw all of those little exciting stuff you want in the duplex plans for you . . . exactly the way you want it and exactly where you want it.

That's cool!

In practical terms, it means you do not have to make adjustments again and again to attempt to convert the building plans you downloaded to suit your needs.

Here's the second benefit of ordering custom duplex floor plans.

When you order custom duplex plans designed to your high taste and style, you can do anything you like with the finished drawing or design.

You can decide to . . .

  • Share the building plans with your friends
  • Post it online for others to download free or
  • Even sell it at whatever price you decide

Why can you do all of this?

It's because it's yours!

We designed it specifically for You!

On the other hand, you cannot legally distribute or sell the building designs on this web site or in our house plans ebook because they are not yours.

They belong to us. And we have exclusive copyright to them.

If you attempt to distribute or sell our building designs, you will be violating our copyright. And that's a serious offence.

Now you have a choice to make:

You can either order our house plans ebook that contains our duplex floor plan and bungalow house plans or order your own custom design.

The good news is . . . we offer custom building designs and building plans at affordable prices.

In fact, our custom building design prices are dead cheap . . . about the lowest in the Nigeria building design market.


It's because we don't want anything to stop you from building your dream exotic duplex home.

Click HERE to order the house plans ebook.

P.S: Custom duplex design is on hold for now

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