Emergency Hospital Construction Company Nigeria

Quick Built Hospitals With As Many Hospital Beds As You Need

Looking for emergency hospital construction company based in Nigeria?

Want a quick built hospital to take care of Corona virus patients (Covid-19 patients), Ebola patients, Lassa Fever patients or any other epidemic or pandemic?

Well, I have good news for you.

We are a prefab construction company based in Lagos Nigeria that offer quick built hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facility.

We build all kinds of hospital isolation units . . . and fast!

Hospital Buildings With 50 Hospital Beds, 100 Beds Or Whatever You Need

The beauty of our hospital and clinic construction services is this . . . we offer custom construction.

This means that we build to whatever requirements you want.

Do you want 50 hospital bed emergency unit?

That is exactly what we will build for you.

Or is it 100 hospital bed intensive care unit (ICU) you want?

Yes, that is exactly the emergency hospital construction service we will give to you.

Bottom line.

Our emergency hospital construction service is flexible.

We build to . . .

1. The exact number of beds

2. The exact hospital building dimensions and

3. The exact hospital flow system you want for the prefab (or quick built) hospital facility

State of The Art Hospitals, Intensive Care Units And Isolation Centres

Most of the emergency hospitals, clinics and ICU units you see constructed in Nigeria are actually tent hospitals. That is, emergency hospitals built with tents.

Caring governments (and high level brands who choose to donate ICU units to the government's epidemic or pandemic management efforts) are not satisfied with these tarpaulin built emergency hospitals.

Citizens of Nigeria demand better. And that is exactly what we offer.

Our Nigeria emergency hospital construction services offer our clients state-of-the-art and beautifully finished prefab hospitals with as many hospital beds as our clients order for.

Our prefab and insulated hospital buildings are true isolation centres.

Yes, you heard that correctly . . . true isolation centres!

You see, when doctors are fighting an epidemic or pandemic, they want each infected patient isolated from every other patient so that each patient's progress can be thoroughly monitored. And those who recover can be discharged and sent back home to their families.

Bottom line.

Doctors want to squash the pandemic . . . and quickly too.

This will ensure that the state (and the country) as well as its citizens can return to their normal lives as soon as possible.

Therefore, every pandemic or emergency hospital must be true isolation centres.

So, what is it about our emergency hospital construction services that make it the Go-to service for true ICU isolation centres?

Simple. Our quick built emergency hospitals are NOT open hall tent hospitals like the ones you see being donated to the government by some brands.

We build emergency hospitals and intensive care units (ICUs) that have separate room for each patient. And each room has a toilet and bathroom attached to it so that the patients in the emergency hospital (or ICU) do not interact with other patients in the hospital.

Emergency Hospital Decontamination Unit

Our emergency hospitals are also built with decontamination units (or sections) that house decontamination facilities as defined by the medical director who is assigned to be in charge of the emergency hospital.

The hospital flow is also designed to match the needs of the pandemic response team. And therefore, we recommend that the buying party discussing with us get input from a medical doctor on what their specific requirements for the emergency hospital will be.

Remember . . . we build to the requirements of our clients.

Yes, our emergency hospital construction service is designed to meet the requirements of the medical doctors who are saddled with the responsibility of helping patients recover quickly from whatever pandemic is ravaging the state or the country.

Want to build an emergency hospital for your state (or donate an emergency hospital) to cater for Corona virus (covid-19) patients (or patients of any other epidemic or pandemic)?

Want an emergency hospital which caters for the needs of patients and the doctors treating the patients?

Fill the simple form below to tell us your requirements.

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