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Prefab Cabins Nigeria - Prefabricated Cabins Sizes And Construction

Nigeria prefab cabins come in various sizes.

The common sizes of prefabricated cabins are:

  • 3m by 3m
  • 6m by 3m
  • 9m by 3m
  • 12m by 3m

Prefab cabins also have a different set of sizes. And they are:

  • 3m by 2.4m
  • 6m by 2.4m
  • 9m by 2.4m
  • 12m by 2.4m

NOTE: If you prefer using "feet" note that 1m = 3.28ft; so you can convert the above dimensions into 'feet' if you prefer that.

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Does this mean that these are the only sizes of prefab buildings available?

Of course not!

Remember . . . prefab buildings can either be used for temporary or permanent accommodation. And these temporary or permanent prefab buildings can either be residential accommodation or business offices.

Also note this very important point . . . prefab cabins are small-sized prefabricated buildings that are relocatable or transportable.

Consequently, pre fabricated cabins are often referred to as portable cabins . . . coined from transPortable cabins.

In simple words . . . prefab cabins are transportable pre fabricated buildings.

Therefore, for this class of prefab buildings to be transportable on our roads, they must of necessity be built to sizes that can be transported without obstructing traffic or risking the lives of motorists and other road users.

The sizes shown above are for prefab metal cabins that are transportable from the point of manufacture . . . our manufacturing site . . . to the locations where they are required by the customers who ordered them.

Please note that prefab buildings can be built to any size or dimensions required by the customer.

Prefab Kiosks And Corner Shops

There is yet another class of customers who can use prefab buildings to their advantage.

They are small business owners who operate small businesses in busy business districts and street corners . . . small business people who cannot afford to rent the expensive offices in such highly commercial and expensive business districts.

In most cases, these small business owners offer services that people need on the go like . . .

  • Sale of mobile phone recharge cards
  • Mobile telephone lines
  • Used Mobile phones
  • Mobile phone accessories
  • Photocopy & printing services
  • Instant (or 2 minutes) passport services
  • Snacks / drinks
  • Instant coffee
  • Consumables

. . . and many more.

So, besides the fact that these small businesses cannot afford to pay the high rent charged by home owners in such business districts, these corner shop owners also want to meet the needs of busy people on the streets . . . people who want quick service and who have no desire to climb three floors to buy mobile phone recharge cards, take a cold drink, or make a quick photocopy.

What kind of prefab cabins do we have for this kind of small business people?

This corner shop owners can buy our prefab kiosks.

Next question: What is the recommended size for a prefab kiosk?

A prefabricated cabin used as a corner shop will come in the following size range:

  • 1.2m by 1.2m
  • 1.8m by 1.8m
  • 2.4m by 2.4m or
  • 3m by 2.4m

Bottom line.

The size of prefab metal cabin you buy is dependent on three key factors:

1. The size of the space available

2. Your financial capability and

3. The purpose for which you need the cabin

You can order any size of prefabricated cabins you want. And we will deliver to your specifications.

Whether you want to order a small cabin or a massive prefab building, simply . . .

Click HERE to request a quote.

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