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Shipping container homes are getting more and more popular by the day especially in large cities in Nigeria.

Some people can't understand why considering the fact that block built homes are available in large numbers.

The truth is . . . shipping container homes have certain benefits that make them attractive to certain categories of home buyers in the urban areas of Nigeria.

One of the benefits of shipping container houses is the ease with which the owner can transport the container house from one point of use to another.

This means that you can easily move your home from one location to another if it's a shipping container home.

Another benefit of shipping container accommodation is this . . . they are quick built houses.

In fact, you can be a tenant today and become a landlord within the next 2 weeks if you buy a shipping container house.

It's that fast!

Shipping Container Houses Are
Low Cost Houses!

You probably are aware that virtually everyone in Nigeria . . . and, indeed, the world . . . desire to have a property they can call their own.

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of people see that dream come true.

But wait.

Why do most people live and die as tenants even though they dream about becoming a landlord all their life?

Simple reason . . . buying a house cost huge amount of money, especially in big cities like Lagos Nigeria, Abuja and several others across the country.

Guess what.

Buying a container house solves that problem for a lot of people because used container homes are low cost houses.

You see, container homes are actually used shipping containers adapted for use as office or residential buildings.

Since they are used shipping containers, they come at prices that are a lot cheaper that brand new containers.

Consequently, the shipping container houses built from these used containers are far cheaper than brand new block and cement houses built from scratch.

Thinking of building a low cost house?

We recommend you buy one of our container homes.

Let's summarize the benefits:

1. They are rugged

2. They are easily relocatable

3. The materials are available locally

4. They can be painted to whatever colour you desire

5. They are 10-20 percent cheaper than insulated prefab houses and

6. They can be built in modules. You can start with a small building and add more sections or modules to it as cash become available.

Amazing benefits, right?

Bottom line.

If you're looking for a low cost route to becoming  a landlord or property owner, this is it.

If you're also looking for a low cost route to buying a portable office cabin, this is your best chance.

P.S: Click HERE to learn about our bungalow floor plans

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