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Welder Job Opportunity Lagos Nigeria - Independent Welder Database

We have welder job opportunity for experienced independent welders and fabricators.

Who are we?

We are a steel manufacturing company based in Lagos Nigeria.

We fabricate, manufacture, and build . . .

==> Portable cabins

==> Metal buildings / steel buildings

==> Steel containers

. . . and all kinds of steel structures.

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This means our core business is metal fabrication and steel building (both insulated and non-insulated steel buildings).

Consequently, we are in constant need of the services of welding experts or welders.

If you are a welder and you look forward to working with a vibrant, resourceful and dynamic company, then you're the kind of person we would love to work with us.

The Ideal Candidates

This independent welder job vacancy is for candidates with specific skill-set.

We are looking for fabrication welders who are passionate about fabrication and continuous improvement.

The ideal candidate must be . . .

1. An expert welder with at least 2 years welding experience

2. Humble and ready to follow directions

3. A vibrant young man with commitment to quality and speedy delivery

4. Honest and God-fearing

5. Passionate about meeting customer expectations

6. Determined to be loyal to the company

7. Self driven and capable of working well with little or no supervision

8. Capable of working well under pressure

9. Team player, ready to work peacefully and cooperatively with other team members

10. Time conscious. Not a habitual late comer.

11. Truthful, willing to admit any mistakes he has made on the job so they can be corrected promptly

Our business is built on honesty, integrity, and fair play. And only people who are ready to imbibe these Godly attributes can work with us.

Independent Welder Job Opening

This welder job opportunity is an employment opportunity for independent welders and fabricators.

Why do we refer to it as independent welder opportunity?

It's because it's not a regular salary job.

This job opportunity is for independent welders. That is, welders who will work with us on per-contract basis.

This is how it works.

We have a database of independent welders in Lagos Nigeria and in other key cities in Nigeria.

We train these welders with respect to our work procedures and work ethics. And welders who measure up to our work and business ethics, get a permanent place in our welder database.

When we have a contract where we need more welders than we have in our direct employ, we engage the services of trustworthy welders in our database to work with us on the project. And these welders are paid as per the contract fee agreed for the particular job in question.

So, when you apply for this welder vacancy, you're actually applying to become one of our independent welders.

Independent welders are, as the name implies, . . . INDEPENDENT.

Independent welders have their own business and their own lives. They only work for us when we need them. And they get paid per contract basis.

Can you apply to become a member of this Nigeria welder database if you live outside Lagos Nigeria?

Of course!

Guess what.

We like to use the services of independent welders closest to the location where the project is being executed.

So, if you're an independent welder in Lagos, you're likely to work with us in projects within Lagos and surrounding towns.

However, if you're based in Abuja, you're likely to work with us in projects within Abuja and surrounding towns. And perhaps also in the Northern part of the

The same goes for independent welders in Port Harcourt, Benin City, Ibadan, Ilorin . . . and other cities, towns and villages where we have steel building construction projects or steel fabrication projects.

Benefits of The Independent Welder Program

The independent welders program has benefits for both our company and the welders who signup for the program.

It provides for us a pool of welding experts we can choose from when we have major construction projects to complete and on-time.

It also benefits YOU, the independent welder, in the following ways:

1. It gives you freedom to choose who you wish to work for at any given time. You are not tied to a particular company.

2. You have an opportunity to work with a trustworthy company

3. Your pay for a particular project is guaranteed. You can complete the job sooner than expected and still earn the full pay for the job.

4. You have an opportunity to earn higher pay per day when you work for us. We pay good money.

5. You have an opportunity to widen your horizon and expand your range of experience as you work with us across diverse projects.

Interested in working with us?

Please take a moment to fill the independent welder application form below.

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