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Duplex House Construction Nigeria - Buy Duplex Home. Enjoy A Life of Luxury!

Why buy duplex house in Nigeria?

It's because a duplex home has inherent benefits.

By the very nature of duplex house designs, they create an ambience that supports comfort, privacy and, yes, a little luxury.

Duplex accommodation in Nigeria have some common features which include:

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1. Kitchen on the ground floor

2. Dining area on the ground floor

3. Guest room on the ground floor

4. Visitor's toilet on the ground floor

5. Family bedrooms on the first floor

6. Laundry room on the first floor and

7. Family lounge on the first floor

From the list of the common features of duplex houses listed above, one thing is clear . . . everything that relates to the family happens on the upper floor where no visitors are allowed.

This means that duplex home designs provides complete privacy.

All the family discussions that go on upstairs cannot be heard by visitors or family guests . . . unless family members decide to wash their "dirty clothes" in public by shouting at the top of their voices.

So, if privacy is important to you (and you have a bit of extra cash to spare), we recommend you buy a duplex home or order our prefab duplex construction services.

On the other hand, if you're on budget and don't have the cash to afford duplex house designs, you can take advantage of our bungalow floor plans and build a simple elegant bungalow that is within your budget.

If you do decide to buy or build a duplex accommodation, simply order custom duplex house plan from us and get the exact building decide that suit you.

Types of Duplex Homes

There are several types of duplex houses in  Nigeria.

The different types include:

  • detached duplex
  • Semi detached duplex and
  • Terrace duplex

As the name implies, detached duplex is a single duplex on its own piece of land. It's a lone duplex on a piece of land.

In contrast, a semi detached duplex is a duplex that shares common walls with another duplex within a plot of land.

Occupants of semi detached duplexes, still enjoy some level of privacy because the two duplex buildings within the same compound are often separated from each
other by a fence along the common wall.

What about terrace duplexes?

Terrace duplexes often come in groups of four (4) or more duplexes joined together by common walls.

A common feature of terrace duplexes is that each duplex in the group have as much as three floors; ground floor, first floor, and second floor.

What is the advantage of terrace duplex over detached duplex?

Simple answer . . . terrace duplex houses occupy less land space than detached duplexes and semi detached duplexes.

How is that possible?

It's because facilities that would have occupied more land space are moved to the second floor.

For example, a 5 bedroom detached duplex built on 1200sqm plot of land within a particular estate development may cost 120 million Naira. And the undeveloped
part of the land may take eight (8) cars.

In the same estate, a twin duplex (each 5 bedrooms) may be built on the same size of land (1200sqm) and each duplex may occupy 600sqm plot of land. Each of the semi detached duplex may sell for 65 million Naira each and each may have parking space that will accommodate four cars.

Within the same estate, another developer may build four (4) terrace duplexes on the same 1200sqm plot of land and each terrace duplex will occupy about 300sqm
plot and have parking space for just two cars.

Guess what.

Each of the terrace duplexes may sell for 35 million each. And the four terrace duplexes may be sold for a total of 140 million Naira against the 120 million Naira for the detached duplex occupying the same land mass.

Bottom line.

Duplexes that occupy less land space (that is, terrace duplexes), cost less and sell faster. That is why many real estate developers fancy building semi detached duplexes and terrace duplexes over detached duplexes, especially in locations where land is very expensive.

Low Cost Duplex Home Designs

Thinking of building a duplex home?


But what kind of duplex house?

From the discussions above, it is obvious that the decisions you make in the planning and duplex design phase can affect your overall expenditure.

So, now, you have to decide.

Will you build a detached duplex, semi detached duplex, or terrace duplex?

Will your duplex be . . .

  • 2 bedroom duplex
  • 3 bedroom duplex
  • 4 bedroom duplex
  • 5 bedroom duplex or
  • 9 bedroom duplex?

If you're looking for low cost duplex home designs, perhaps a 2 or 3 bedroom duplex maybe all that you really need.

Remember . . . the decisions you make will determine how much you will spend.

So, decide wisely.

Yes, keep an eye on the size of your budget!

Click HERE to download our free duplex plans or request a custom duplex home design.

Alternatively, fill the form below to order a prefab duplex building.

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