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Events Hall Construction Company Nigeria - Expert Event Centre Builders

We are a steel construction company that is involved with events hall construction for customers all over Nigeria.

Our events centre building technology is focused on delivering quick built halls for use as . . .

  • Events centres
  • Examination halls
  • Lecture halls
  • Libraries
  • Health centres
  • Multi-purpose halls and

. . . for whatever all purposes our customers wish to use the halls we build for them.

Bottom line.

hall construction nigeria

Customers tell us the size of the building they want (or the number of people they wish to seat in the events hall) as well as other specific details they want for the hall building and our hall construction experts will build the events centre to our customers' specifications.

Events Centre Facilities

events centre builder nigeria

As mentioned above, we build halls to our customers' specifications. Therefore, the facilities included in the hall building depends on the requirements specified by

the customer.

A standard events building may include the following facilities:

1. Hall space for the actual seating of events guests

2. Toilets . . . the number of toilets will depend on the size of the hall, which also determines the number of people expected to seat in the hall.

3. Kitchen . . . A kitchen may be necessary if the events facility is designed to host parties like wedding ceremonies

4. Store . . . One or more storage rooms may be necessary depending on the customers

5. Offices . . . One or more administrative offices may be necessary in additional to the main hall

Events Hall Construction Materials

construction of multi-purpose hall for events nigeria

What materials do we use for constructing the events buildings?

As noted above, we are a steel construction company. That means, all our buildings are steel structures.

The following are the materials we use for different sections of the building:

1. Building pillars - Steel

2. Floor: Steel floor structure or block foundation, depending on the customer.

3. Walls: 50mm thick polyurethane insulated sandwich panels

4. Roof structure: Steel

5. Roofing sheet: Aluminium

6. Suspended ceiling

7. Doors: Steel doors

8. Floor Finish: Ceramic tiles

9. Electrical wiring, lights and sockets

More Pictures of Completed Hall

Hall Builing Layout Plan

Hall building plan for portable cabin events hall

Your Requirements - How To Tell Us
What You Want

Building to customers' specifications starts with customers telling us exactly what they want in the multi-purpose hall or events centre they wish to build.

Once we know what the customer wants, we can then send the customer an official quote showing the construction cost.

So, how do you tell us what you want?

Simply fill the form below to request a quote.

P.S: Click HERE to learn about our bungalow floor plans

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